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Guardianship For Minors And Adults With Disabilities

Guardianship may be necessary for minors or for disabled adults. Obtaining guardianship allows a person to manage another’s affairs, financial and otherwise. The Illinois family law attorneys of Kulinsky & Associates Ltd, have more than 20 years of combined experience that we use to help people obtain guardianship over minor and disabled loved ones.

Our disabled estate and guardianship services are available at reasonable fees, which can be paid by credit card or on an installment plan for your convenience. We take the necessary steps to maximize every dollar, including working as a team when appropriate.

Guardianship For Disabled Adults

The guardianship process can be fairly complex. It starts with filing a petition, which needs to be carefully thought through. Once it’s filed, it cannot be withdrawn, only dismissed by the court. The court will send someone to interview the disabled adult to determine whether guardianship is necessary. If guardianship is granted and the disabled adult has money, annual accountings will be required by the court outlining how that money was spent or invested. Our lawyers can help with all aspects of obtaining and maintaining guardianship.

Guardianship For Special Needs Children And The Elderly

Guardianship may be necessary for special needs children who have reached age 18, including children with autism, muscular dystrophy and other medical conditions. It may also be necessary for elderly people with Alzheimer’s and other conditions.

Guardianship is necessary to apply for Social Security Disability benefits on behalf of a person, as well as to legally make all other important personal and financial decisions.

Guardianship For Minors

Grandparents, aunts and uncles, or other parties may seek guardianship over a minor whose parents have passed away or been imprisoned, or are no longer able to raise the child for one reason or another. Guardianship is particularly important in cases where the minor has received an inheritance or a settlement of some sort to ensure that money is managed properly.

Guardian Ad Litem

Jeff Kulinsky has been court-approved in Lake County to act as a guardian ad litem. A guardian ad litem is an attorney representative of children in family law and guardianship cases or, in disabled estate cases, for disabled persons. He also has training with child custody and visitation cases involving special needs children with learning and behavioral disabilities.

Learn more about guardianship by reviewing the resources offered on this website, including our Family Law FAQs page and many family law articles written by our attorneys.

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